Jeff Bezos announces $10 billion fund to fight climate crisis

Jeff Bezos announced on his Instagram account that he had created a $10 billion fund to combat the climate crisis. The fund, dubbed the Bezos Earth Fund, will fund scientists, activists and non-governmental organizations that offer a real possibility to help preserve and preserve the world’s nature.

Bezos, who came up with buying the most expensive property in Los Angeles last week for $165 million, is determined to change the agenda with this share. Still, let’s say the announced fund is not Bezos’ first step in the climate crisis.

Bezos, one of the richest people in the world, is already a investor in Breakthrough Energy Ventures. At this point, Breakthrough Energy Ventures’ aim is to develop technologies that can alleviate climate change in sectors such as energy production, food production and industry, and reduce the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. let’s remind you that it is to finance.

It is worth noting that this new fund, which will be finally implemented, has no relationship with Amazon. Likewise, according to a company official, the Earth Fund has no ties to the foundation Bezos had previously set up.

Beyond a PR move, Bezos may already be taking action to open up new markets that will come up in the coming years. Nevertheless, it is very valuable for one of Silicon Valley’s leading figures to announce that he is starting to struggle with the climate crisis.

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