Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account hacked

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was hacked on Friday. Hackers who hacked the account issued racist messages and bombing threats. Shared posts claimed that Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters would be bombed, and Dorsey’s account retweeted tweets from several people who undertook the hack.

Jack Dorsey’s account hacked, making many celebrities and celebrities on the platform think their accounts weren’t safe. The hacking of the account has been positioned as a serious security alert for both technology company executives and everyday users. Today, users benefit from digital technologies in many areas, from shopping to banking.

Social accounts aren’t exactly adequately protected. It is possible to say that security experts in particular have been concerned about the inadequate protection of the social accounts of world leaders over the past few years. If you recall, in 2017, President Trump’s Twitter account was briefly disabled by a Twitter employee.

Meanwhile, even though Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked for only a few minutes, the hackers managed to publish offensive messages. The shared post quickly deleted after the account was retrusted.

Hackers using CloudHopper, which was purchased by Twitter in 2010 to publish messages, managed to access Jack Dorsey’s account. CloudHopper allows Twitter users to link their phone numbers to their accounts. This allows users to post posts on Twitter by sending messages.

Twitter said in a statement that the issue is not related to the platform, Jack Dorsey’s mobile service provider can send messages due to security error hackers.

Hackers deceive or bribe phone service providers’ employees in SIM-driven attacks, identifying the number of the targeted person to a new SIM card. In this method, known as SIM-change, two-stage protection is also deserving.

The band Chuckling Squad, which took over Jack Dorsey’s account, highlighted itself with hashtags, while sharing a chat link on the messaging app Discord. Discord spokeswoman Tali Fischer said the group had been removed from the app following the complaint.

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