Istanbulkart card-free period begins, it is soon possible to ride public transport with QR code

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality‘s subsidiary BELBİm Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc. developed and announced in particular, istanbulresidents will now be able to pay by getting on public transportation with their smartphones. Citizens will be able to use their smartphones as Istanbulcards.

According to information shared by BELBİm General Manager Yucel Karadeniz, the mobile application will be tested as a pilot application by March 2020. The application, which will be tried only in metrobuses in the first place, will be able to spread to the entire transport network over time and to board each public transport.

In the system to be implemented via smartphones, qr code i.e. square code reading system will be applied without plastic cardrations. The motto of the application is also designated as “download, load, read, late”. QR codes that will appear on public transport through the application will be paid by reading and users will not need to physically keep their Istanbulcard with them. The app also comes across as an environmental attitude towards plastic cards.

BELBİm General Manager Yucel Karadeniz,also said that they are trying to ensure that Istanbulkart is used not only as a card used in transportation but also as a payment tool in different areas, and that they are working to ensure the use of Istanbulkart at the entrance to the museums.

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