Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality launches Open Data Portal

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced the implementation of the Open Data Portal. With the innovation, which will be recorded as an important development in the name of intelligent urbanism, IMM is making available the data in its hands. The open data portal, accessible via address, offers different categories of data sets.

The data sets, listed under different category headings such as Mobility, Environment, Energy, Life and Economy, will be used by developers, entrepreneurs, academicians, students and NGOs. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s platform currently has 88 data sets on the platform.

Although the portal was only opened not too long ago, the most popular data sets began to emerge. Information about isPARK car parks, rail system daily travel numbers and IETT’s line-stop-route information are currently among the most viewed data sets. In addition, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will try to respond to data set requests from citizens. Users will also be able to request a data set from IMM.

Erol Originaler,cio of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, announced via LinkedIn that the IBB Open Data Portal will have shortcomings and points to correct, that they are open to constructive criticism and that the number of open data sets will increase.

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