Is TikTok afraid to share details about the updates?

TikTok, which has so far been accused of supporting the Chinese government’s policy of discrimination and censoring it, came up yesterday when it did not share the details of an update it had released with users.

Announcing the update of the Virtual Product Principle, TikTok said in a statement that users have arranged an age limit for them to broadcast live, to earn gifts of material value and diamonds. At this point, users were given two options to accept this update by saying “OK” or to review the update by pressing “learn more”. Unfortunately, users who wanted to know more about the update encountered 404 errors.

Fast-growing social networks, such as TikTok, are obliged to be more transparent with users about the policies they are publishing. Because users have the right to know how it will affect them in the new version of a modified policy. Therefore, the ease-to-access of updates is one of the most important considerations of TikTok. Otherwise, users may feel forced to press “OK.”

TikTok, who has been called on by the US senate to review his protection of personal data in recent months, has a positive impact on his impression of being more sensitive about it. Likewise, considering that TikTok is preparing to separate itself from the TikTok application Douyin in China, it is imperative that the company perfect the information process by anticipating that even the smallest mistakes will be misinterpreted during this period.

Nevertheless, details about TikTok’s Virtual Product Principle update can be accessed through the company’s website. Let’s add that the update, released on December 3rd, has been gradually released in new countries. Although it is not as easy to get update details as pressing a button, users who want to know about the topic can read the short article on the site. It is also worth noting that language support is not available for users in Turkey.

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