iPhone users with iOS 13 can’t share Spotify songs on Instagram Stories

The long-awaited iOS 13 version has unfortunately caused some trouble for iPhone users in the Instagram feature. After iOS 13, the audio, which was automatically turned on on Instagram Stories, started to sound directly silent and the user was expected to adjust the audio analoguely. But with iOS 13, that’s not the only problem Instagram has. Because iPhone users who make the iOS 13 update can’t share Spotify songs on Instagram Stories.

When you want to share a song you’re listening to on Spotify on Instagram Stories, you’ll see the phrase ,“Sorry, we couldn’t share it with Instagram Stories, please try again later.” However, when we try it on a phone that doesn’t load iOS 13, the song can be shared without any hassle. While some Reddit users report the same problem, we see that spotify has users experiencing similar problems in the Help section.

First of all, let us state that the problem experienced is not a problem specific to our country and it is global. The reason we mention this is that some of Instagram’s music-related features are not available in Turkey. The ability to add music to Instagram Stories, which has been actively used abroad for some time, is unfortunately still not used in our country. It is possible to foresee that there are problems with copyright sourcing behind this. However, neither Spotify nor Instagram are making a statement about the new problem. Likewise, Apple remains silent.

In addition, many people deleted and reinstalled both applications, although the problem was not resolved. Finally, let’s also remind you that Android users do not have any problems.

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