International tech giants “Digital Service Tax” coming

Taxes on major US-based companies have long been debated by countries in Europe. France,the first country to throw people in the field, announced last July that it would impose a digital tax on US technology companies called “GAFA tax”.

According to the information shared today, a tax will be introduced in our country just like the tax imposed by France. The tax, which will bear the name Digital Service Tax, will apply tax to international technology companies. Companies will pay digital service tax of 7.5 per cent for their revenues from services such as games, music and video downloaded with money through all kinds of online purchases and advertisements.

The Digital Service Tax in question is mostly related to large technology companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, which are very powerful in our country. For the sale of any audio, visual or digital content in digital media, according to shared information, to listen, monitor, play or record or use on electronic devices services offered in digital media will also be subject to tax.

Providing digital media where users can interact with each other and mediating services provided in digital media will also be subject to Digital Service Tax. According to the information in the draft tax, digital media is defined as “any environment in which online activity is carried out without physical confrontation”.

20 million pounds in the previous accounting period, or 750 million euros in worldwide revenues from Turkey, or less than the Turkish lira in exchange for foreign currency equivalent to digital service tax is exempt Will. Digital service tax will be applied at 7.5 per cent. The digital service tax will be calculated by applying the base rate. There will be no reduction in the tax calculated in this way. We will continue to provide you with the developments related to this tax.

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