Interactive video platform Cinema8 measures real-time with reporting

Streamx, an interactive video platform that started operating in 2008 with akamai infrastructure from the distribution network and cloud computing providers of technopark company Gobito, was launched as cinema8 brand in June 2018. We’ve shared with you before that you’ve decided to move on. With Cinema8, it’s possible to easily access the analytics and heatmaps of interactive videos.

With platform reporting, it takes ratings, completion rates, and makes informatics information such as browser, location, accessible to users. It also allows you to download these reports as MS Excel documents. The most important point of Cinema8’s reporting feature is that interactivity on the video can receive audience responses/answers to added points and questions with the general reporting features mentioned.

The reporting feature, which corresponds to the analytical needs of corporate firms in-house training, paves the way for cinema8 to be preferred. It also integrates with LMS (Learning Management System) to enable organizations to measure the time it is to complete and monitor education. Users can easily access their detailed reports via Cinema8.

Cinema8, which enables the rapid realization of fictions such as “Video Interaction, Video Editing, Personalization, Gamification & Storyboarding” with drag-and-drop tools, is also available on YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Brightcove it works integrated with video sharing platforms such as, and at the end of this interference, the Video CMS platform is created.

Finally, cinema8 has also opened to the United States with the Innogate International Acceleration Program and continues to bring interactive video to many industries by expanding its network of potential users and partners in the international market.

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