Interaction and click-up analysis via Tweet from Elon Musk with 31 million followers

Elon Musk announced in a tweet yesterday that his mother had written a book. Even if you know as much as Elon Musk, your conversion rate can be much lower compared to your number of followers and even more interesting than the interaction you get into your content.

Musk, who has 31 million followers on Twitter, received 52.2,000 likes in 12 hours. That’s 1.5 per thousand of Musk’s user base. At this point, the number of people who click on the link is much lower than like. When bitly’s analysis tool is looked at, it appears that the link received 46,862 clicks on the day the link was shared.

Looking at the current figures, elon musk’s tweet has left more than 60,000 likes, but the link receives more than 55,000 clicks.

Only more than 49,000of these clicks come from Twitter. If you’re a marketing worker, you might think the conversion rate doesn’t surprise you very much.

Nevertheless, more than 10,000 people have left their likes even though they have not clicked on the link, giving us an idea of the motivation of the likes of social network users. While most social media users like a post they encounter in their streams, they actually like this development that they encounter, and they are not interested in the development itself. So even a figure like Elon Musk with a tight audience, we can say that he has taken advantage of this approach.

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