Instagram’s new tool; shows the accounts you follow at least and the most

Instagram has made it easier for users to evaluate the accounts they’re tracking with with a new update to the publication. From now on, thanks to Instagram’s new settings, you’ll be able to easily see the accounts you interact with at least and the most on the tracking tab.

On the accounts tab that interact with the least, accounts that users have interacted with the least in the last 90 days can be seen. You can easily access the feature by clicking the Follow tab.

Instagram Executive Adam Mosseri posted a tweet announcing the feature, while instagram shared the principles it followed when it was posting new features. Mosseri stated that they tested the feature in a small group of users in the first place, and said it was risky for the feature to reach large user audiences without being tested.

At this point, it is worth mentioning a new feature of Instagram in the testing process. The Company, meanwhile, confirmed that it was working to launch an Instagram Dating Program.

It is not yet known how IGTV will share revenues with creators. But as with Facebook Watch, 55 percent of the advertising revenue placed on videos can go to creators.

The company, which has so far paid small production fees for IGTV content by certain names, can encourage manufacturers to produce content on the platform with this new revenue option. After all, the vast majority of Instagram Influencers generate revenue through YouTube, as well as brand deals and sponsorship content.

Creators’ preference for other platforms for long video formats also leads to a decline in IGTV’s content quality and interaction. Only 7 million users downloaded the IGTV app from Instagram’s more than 1 billion user base. In addition, Instagram backed down on the IGTV button, which it placed on the app’s homepage, removing the button from the Home page.

Adding ad options to IGTV will increase the diversity of content on the platform, while a new revenue model for Facebook will come to life.

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