Instagram’s new Creators account focusing on content producers

Instagram has launched a new account called Creators, which focuses on content producers, just like YouTube. “We help you produce on Instagram, and unfortunately we can’t get you to have a verified account,” reads the creators account’s bio.

With this account, Instagram, which wants to help content producers on the platform produce more actively, plans to offer suggestions on this issue. In fact, we’ve seen this approach from Instagram for Business, where Instagram has opened this approach for a business.

When looking at posts, the use of visually fun and rich content is notable, while some images also show statistics. In this context, let’s add that 60 percent of users are also shared with their stories in a mute.

In the account’s only highlighted story, you can view the questions that content producers frequently ask. Questions answered in the story include account verification, unavailability of some features, why the streaming algorithm is not re-chronologicalized, and how to use comment filtering features.

Content producers, who have so far had to deal with all the challenges on the platform on their own, from changes in the algorithm to errors in new features, can receive more support from the company with this account. Instagram, which has launched sales to content producers in recent months, can provide content producers with more tools and opportunities, just like YouTube, enabling increased interaction and brand collaborations on the platform.

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