Instagram’s new anti-bullying features online

Announcing two new anti-bullying features online today, Instagram is trying to make its platform a safer place. We can also say that the company aims to disable negative content on Instagram without blocking posts or users.

The first of the announced features runs an artificial intelligence algorithm that can detect comments that might be offensive. After users make a negative comment, the algorithm kicks in and asks them, “Are you sure you want to share this?” This screen also features a “undo” button in front of users. Thus, negative and offensive comments can be removed by their owners.

Although this feature does not seem to be an effective solution at first glance, Adam Mosseri said that in early-stage tests, the feature encourages people to withdraw their comments and conveys the view they want to reflect in a lighter language.

Another feature announced today is the ability to restrict users from looking at your account. The feature, which will soon be tested, has been designed with young people struggling with bullying in real life in mind.

Mosseri shared a statement about the restriction feature:

With this new leg, users will make it difficult for them to interact with another person’s accounts without revealing it to other users. Comments to posts will only appear to the commenter if they are not approved when you restrict someone. At the same time, restricted people won’t be able to see if the user is online on Instagram or if the messages have been read.

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