Instagram transitions to dark mode with iOS 13 update

Instagram added dark mode to its app with the iOS 13 update. So far, the dark mode feature, which has been preferred by social networks such as Twitter and Reddit, has become evident on Instagram as well.

Instagram, which last year took into account features such as The Movements, lets users view screens more comfortably with the dark mode feature. In the meantime, Instagram doesn’t offer an on-off button for the dark mode feature, as we’re familiar with on Twitter. That’s why you need to use the iPhone’s system settings to use the feature.

Instagram, on the other hand, as well as many app developers, with iOS 13, the dark mode feature is now available. Currently only available to iOS users, it is not yet known whether the feature will be available to Instagram’s Android users in the future. However, iPhone users who want to access dark mode just need to update their Instagram apps.

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