Instagram Stories have multiple photo uploads

With Instagram’s new Stories feature called Layout, users will now be able to upload multiple images in a single story. The feature, which opens to all Instagram users today, allows users to upload up to 6 photos to their Stories.

Until now, users often used third-party apps such as Canva and Photogrid to upload multiple images in their Stories. Some users were able to paste images into Stories by copying photos from the gallery, turning on Stories’ text insertion feature.

With layout moved to Stories, we can say that third-party applications will be disabled. Instagram’s Layout, which has served as a separate app until now, was struggling to compete with other design tools. However, the inclusion of the app in Instagram will allow it to play a role in other design tools with ease of use.

On the other hand, it is possible to say that Layout will lose its function as an app after a while, as in Instagram’s Boomerang app. Instagram’s integration into stories in each app it launches once again reminds us of the power of stories, while enhancing its richness in features.

Instagram, which recently launches Create mode, makes it easier for users to diversify their shares in Stories with GIFs, question stickers and TBT content, and will increase the visual diversity in Stories with the Placement feature.

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