Instagram steals a role from Snapchat again with new messaging app Threads

Announcing its focus on privacy earlier this year, Facebook is working on a new messaging app called Threads. Threads allows users to share instantaneously and intimately with their friends.

The Threads app, which is expected to accompany Instagram, will automatically share locations with users’ friends, while also providing information such as speed and battery life.  The app will also include text, photo and video messaging features using Instagram’s editing tools.

Threads, developed so you can share with your “close friends” list on Instagram, is currently only being tested among Facebook employees.

Instagram, which deactivated Direct in May, said users were dissatisfied with switching between the Instagram main app and Direct. However, the company has not completely lost interest in messaging apps. Direct employees took their place in Facebook Messenger, while Facebook continued to work on a messaging app that combines Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp apps.

In the meantime, threads, which is currently in the testing phase, is trying to gain the interaction snapchat has captured on its user base by focusing on close friends. Because the average Snapchat user spends more time in the app than Instagram users. Facebook has copied many of Snapchat’s features, from Stories to Filters, and is now creating a new competitive field for messaging, the app’s powerful stronghold.

Threads will share automatically and instantaneously between users and with a list of close friends on Instagram, and will regularly update your status shares. It will also give your friends access to your location and speed in real time.

Threads, which is positioned as a product in the focus of messaging, is similar to Instagram’s messaging feature. Messages from friends appear at the center of the flow, while a green dot appears next to your friends who are online. Meanwhile, you can access stories your friend has recently shared via Threads. Threads also features Camera, allowing you to share photos and videos with close friends.

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