Instagram removes stalkers’ favorite Follow-up tab

Instagram has been gradually trying to remove its likes from its platform for some time, and now removes the stalkers’ favorite “Follow” tab. Instagram will now direct users who want to discover new people, new places and new hashtags to the Discover tab. Although it is a favorite of stalkers, the Follow-up tab, visited by a small number of users, will be closed.

In fact, most users of the Follow-up tab ignored it. Some users are not even aware of the existence of this tab. It is also possible to say that the Tracking tab threatens the privacy of many users. Users whose likes and accounts they followed could be clearly visible on the tab, as well as illegal or private activities. The Follow-up tab, which has played a key role in ending relationships and friendships so far, was also a instagram feature for tabloid journalists.

Instagram announced today that it is removing the Follow-up tab from the platform, which does not help users at all. Following the announcement, the feature disappeared from view on many users.

In the meantime, let’s remind reddit users that they are complaining about the loss of the Follow tab on Instagram with a headline in August. Likewise, webrazzi readers who experienced this situation reached out to us and expressed their complaints. The announcement also revealed that this situation, which was considered an error at the time, was only positioned as a process.

If the Tracking tab has been removed from your app, you’ll only be able to see your own movements when you press the Heart button. The Follow-up tab, which has been gradually removed from today, will be completely obsolescate by the end of this week.

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