Important statements from former employee at Google, which is in the spotlight for sexual harassment allegations

Google, one of silicon valley’s most established companies, has been involved in allegations of sexual harassment for a long time last year. In two years, the company fired more than 48 employees for allegations of sexual harassment. Allegedly, 48 people were laid off, including 13 managers; Andy Rubin, who cut ties with Google in 2014, was also implicated in statements by the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. Rubin, who left the company with $90 million in damages, said in his statements that the allegations were unfounded. In fact, googlers around the world organized a huge march.

Following this case, Google has updated its sexual harassment policy and will be subject to optional arbitration for alleged sexual harassment and sexual assault; He shared in detail that the Research Report would include a new chapter focusing on sexual harassment.

Despite all this input-development-result triangle, it is impossible for Google to say that everything has turned out to be complete. Jennifer Blakely, a former employee of Google’s legal department, recently wrote a blog post. According to the article, Google’s roofing company Alphabet’s chief of law, David Drummond and Jessica Blakely had a one-term relationship, and the two had a child from that relationship.

Blakely describes the process after his relationship with David Drummond as “hell.” Because Drummond, who was married when they were in a relationship, says that their relationship could cause misunderstandings in the company and that Blakely wants him to leave the company, and that he’s going to take care of his kid and Blakely. Blakely, who blames herself for starting a relationship with a married man, admits it. But things aren’t going his way. Drummond is leaving Blakely. It turns out he’s starting to be with another assistant who works for the company. In the process, managers cover up what is being done.

According to Blakely’s article, Drummond, who came to visit his son, showed him the Daily Mail article detailing google executive and former CEO Eric Schmidt’s open marriages and relationships with younger women. This article was “seemingly” clear lyngosome how things work.

Although the story contains tabloid details, it is possible to say that the essence of the event is “abuse of power“. Because the previous allegations of harassment, the fact that senior managers were sent with high compensation after these allegations, is proof of this. Ethically, it is not our place to examine the process in such matters. Whether or not to be married, people’s preferences come into a completely private life. However, the repercussions of such relationships in business life, the fact that the strong sweep under the carpet to protect themselves, reveals that even large technology companies have serious problems.

Consequently, both Blakely’s writing and the events we learned gradually last year show that there is abuse in Google management. It is not known if a solution has been reached with the new decisions, but it is hopeful that everyone is becoming more and more informed about the events.

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