Illustrated Towel Edge Construction

For those who want to make a towel edge in needle point, we shared the towel edge construction with an illustrated description. You can decorate the towel edge with needle patches.

For those looking for the question of how to make a towel edge through Google, we share the way to make a towel edge. In illustrated terms. For those who know needle play, we have shared many narrative models in the category. Thanks to these, those who want to decorate the towel edges with needle bale can find oya models that they can not find anywhere on our site. We try to help those who want to make towels by sharing new models.

The pictures above describe how the towel edge is made. The model is prepared with a hearty vote. It is a different and heavier example than the model we shared earlier. I hope you like the model. You can follow the newly added narrative towel edges by visiting us frequently.

Categories:   Laces, Towel Edges