Ice Cream Making Recipe with Nutella

We published the recipe for making ice cream with the much-loved nutella. With the arrival of summer, the ice cream season begins and you make your own ice cream!

We published ice cream making with nutella, one of the most popular chocolate brands, in this article for you. We added the recipe for making ice cream with nutella, which is broadcast on the home tv channel. You can learn this recipe before summer and make your own ice cream at home. And your children will love this ice cream you made.

The ice cream you have made yourself will be both healthy and more cost-effective. You can make a wonderfully tasted ice cream with a mixture of nutella and milk. Now let’s go to the ingredients for making ice cream with nutella.


First, we open the nutella and add 2 spoonfuls of nutella into the glass. Then we put in a little less than half the milk in the glass. And then we mix the two. Once it’s liquid, you pour it into the ice cream heart. You put the ice cream handle in it and throw it in the freezer. You’ll get a delicious ice cream after taking it out of the freezer and waiting for a few minutes.

Nutella Dondurma Yapımı

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