IBM’s 350,000 employees will now use Slack

IBMsaid its 350,000 employees will cooperate with Slack for internal communications, Business Insider reported. We can say this was a very significant gain for Slack, as the company has been frequently compared to one of its biggest rivals, Microsoft Teams, recently.

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfieldtold Business Insider after news of a collaboration with IBM that Slack is ready for major events. In fact, some of IBM employees have been using Slack for trial purposes since 2014, but after that deal, the entire company will start using the platform. That means ibm is slack’s biggest customer.

In fact, Slack had previously shared information that IBM was their biggest customer, only that information has now become official. A Spokesman for Slack says IBM has more than 300,000 users and explains that Slack scaled itself to reach each employee. Prior to the collaboration, Slack announced that it was serving 165,000 IBM employees, and now we’re seeing that number almost doubled.

Slack’s success is also important for Microsoft Teams. Last year, it was announced that Microsoft Teams was used by 20 million people and Slack was used by 12 million people. Ibm’s choice of Slack for on-premises communications will undoubtedly bring other customers with it. This means that Microsoft can lose its own customers to Slack, and the number of users between the two companies may close soon. Stewart Butterfield has already stated that Microsoft has targeted microsoft in recent months.

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