How to solve the problem of accessing photos that appear with FaceApp on Apple

Yesterday we shared with you the news that FaceAppbroke a record on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Although FaceApp is popular all of a sudden, there are question marks in mind. This is because it allows users access to photo galleries so they can use FaceApp, which brings other problems.

Let’s say you allow FaceApp to access your photos, but you later removed those permissions from the settings. In this case, your gallery will not appear on the homepage of FaceApp. However, the user feels that when they revoke these permissions, their photos will not be visible at all. Let’s just say that’s not the case for FaceApp. Because when you go into the app and click on the “Photos” section in the bottom left corner, you see that the app can access your gallery directly. This proves that there is a serious security problem in practice. Below you can also see the situation from a video shared by a Twitter user who is author of Mashable.

The fact that apps can use your photos even though you don’t allow photo access is related to the Apple API offered with iOS 11. This allows a developer to allow a user to select a single photo from a system dialog box to allow the app to run. You can see the details here.

Unfortunately, there are still some cognitive dissonances at this point. Because Apple allows an app to call this API, even if it has set photo access to Never in user settings. However, this creates problems by the user who does not want their photos to be used.

We can say that Apple needs to find a way to fix this. For location in iOS 13, which will be available shortly, only allow it once can perhaps be activated for photo access. Otherwise, the user seems to be in greater trouble.

However, let’s also mention that the FaceApp app has started problems and slowdowns since yesterday.

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