How to make supla from the rope?

Supla, also called American service, are the bases placed under the plates so that the table is not contaminated at the dining table. It is also possible to use the small ones as coasters. It is also possible to make these suplas at home with our own facilities, which we can find the most modern and different models from various stores. This is the most frequently asked topic in do-it-yourself project ideas, how to do it with a rope. Today we will tell you about the construction of rope rope or thick urgan-style supla.

In our previous content, we have shared it in narration and video. In this article, we will explain how to make a simple model. Since thick ropes reproduce rapidly, this type of simple products are especially preferred. You can choose to make urgans called felt rope supla. For the most elegant and simple supla, you need some felt urgan rope, silicone gun and adhesive silicone.

Starting from the middle, you should apply silicone before turning the rope around in the supla models you can make. Be careful because silicone is a very fast drying agent. Paste before drying. Turn the ropes together. This model is for models that are round. However, if you want to make a square or rectangle, you can also complete it by cutting and sticking them on top of each other.

Detailed information on the simplest supla construction can be found in the video below.

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