How to Make Cross-Stitch Lavender? Narrated Cross-Stitch Lavender Production

Cross-stitch has recently become a very popular processing type whether it’s for home décor, for dowry jobs, for souvenirs. Cross-stitch lavender production is one of the most popular motifs among the cross-stitch motifs. Let’s see how to make cross-stitch lavender that you can use on your pillows, bedspreads, kitchen towels.

After supplying the etamine board and pulley, stretch the cross-stitch cloth. The lavender motif can be made in many different ways. To do this, you must find and select the diagram of the shape you like. Once you’ve set up the template, the rest is easy. Place the template in the cloth before making lavender from the canaer. Then draw the shape you want to process the etamine meringue. Then process it through the lines. If you wish, you can find a more detailed description in the video below.

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