How to Make Amigurimi? Video Amigurumi Narration

Amigurumi is the name given to toys made with knitting and the methods used in the construction of them. One of the most popular toys of recent times is amigurumi dolls. One of the most searched topics about how to make amigurumi baby, amigurumi baby making topics are also. With this method, you can also make toys by knitting different things besides the baby.

The construction of amigurumi may vary depending on the rope and model. If you are planning to knit a baby from medium-sized classic models, you can use a medium-sized rope. There are special amigurumi ropes and varieties made to knit these toys. However, you can also use normal nako or different brand ropes.

You can use simple techniques in the first time you make amigurumi. Those who have some experience in making knitting toys know that the construction of amigurumi is used in the zero number crochet. Knitting toy is often used crochet in the construction of skewers is not preferred. you can make sure that the rope you can choose in any color is not woolly and hairy.

You can see how it’s done in the most detailed way, from changing color to decreasing, all of them step-by-step in the video below.

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