How to Clean Lime in A Teapot with Lemon?

You can use lemon and lemon salt to clean the lime in the ketti. Easy methods for those who say how to clean the lime in the teapot.

Since the water used continuously in teapots is lime water, lime accumulates continuously in teapots at regular intervals. Calcification of teapots, which are not good both in terms of image and health, requires regular cleaning. As calcification increases, the amount of lime at the bottom of the teapot increases continuously. The accumulated lime causes the tea to have a blurry appearance and accumulates at the bottom of the kettle for a long time, but it starts to dissolve and begins to change the taste of your tea.

There are several ways to clean the cress in the kettre. You can use descalers that you can find in the markets to clean the lime, or you can choose natural methods. Since we will consume the water boiled in the kettle directly, this water will have a direct effect on our health. Therefore, if you are going to use descaler, you should definitely rinse very well so that there are no chemicals left in the kett. The most important point to consider when using descalers from grocery stores is; after cleaning, you should boil your kettle with clean water several times and then rinse thoroughly to ensure that the descaler is completely cleaned. It is possible to clean the cress in the kettle with the ingredients in your home. These methods can be listed as follows:

Limon Tuzu İle Çaydanlık Kireci Temizleme

Lemon salt is one of the most effective methods. To dissolve the cress in the kettre; First, put two tablespoons of lemon salt in the kettle and add enough water on top of it to the kettle. Then boil this water to high heat for 5-10 minutes. If there’s a lot of lime in the kettd, you can boil it for up to an hour. With the effect of lemon salt, the lime sediment at the bottom of the kettle will be dissolved. Empty the boiling water and rinse with plenty of water. Your teapot will be sparkling completely clean edible.
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Çaydanlık Limon

Another effective and easy-to-apply method is cleaning with lemon and carbonate. To do this, first fill the teapot gold with half the water. Then divide a lemon into 4 or 5 pieces and throw it into the water. Then start boiling this water and continue boiling until you see the limes at the bottom of the kettle dissolve. After boiling, pour this water. Pour some carbonate into a lemon peel and rub it out completely. Then rinse with plenty of water. You’ll see the inner surface of your teapot glow.

Fill your bottom-in-the-lime teapot with enough vinegar to pass through the lime-chalky part. Leave your kettre for one night with vinegar in it. The next day, pour the remaining vinegar until there is some vinegar left in the kettd. Add a tablespoon of carbonate to the vinegar in the kettre, waiting for a few minutes. Then rub it with a dishsponge or a plastic brush and clean the inside of the chalky teapot. You’ll find it cleaned easily. You’ll get a bright teapot like the first day.

In a glass; Mix one tablespoon salt with a teacup vinegar. Put this mixture into the kettle and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then rub the inside of the kettre with a dishsponge and clean the limes inside. Rinse with plenty of water after cleaning.

Potato peels can be used to clean the limes formed at the bottom of the ketté. Put the peeled potatoes in the teapot. Fill it with a little water. Then start boiling. Boil for about half an hour and eventually you’ll see that the sediment at the bottom of the kettre is completely cleaned. Then rinse with left water. You’ll get a shiny teapot six like the first day.

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