How to Clean and Polish Inside and Out of The Darkening Teapot

Due to the continuous use of teapots, it wears out over time, loses its brightness and innovation, and sometimes accidentally forgets and burns in the stove and blackens the inside and outside are the events that happen to everyone. The burning of the teapot, which is usually caused by absent-mindedness, is that when the water runs out of the ketti, the ketti heat up very quickly and the inside and the outside darken. With the overheating of the bear-time retention sections, a very bad smell spreads. The most important thing in such a situation is that you never hold the ketti in cold waterso that both your own safety and the kettth are not damaged. Allow to cool thoroughly before cleaning. Secondly, you should also pay attention to the substance from which your kettd teapot is made. While steel teapots are not easily worn and are durable enough to use many cleaning agents, teapots made of enamel, aluminum or other metals can be easily worn.

You can easily clean and polish the inside and outside of the darkening teapot with practical methods so that you can use your darkening teapots again.

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You can easily polish the heart of the burning teapot. To do this, fill about half a liter of water into the burnt teapot. Then add 1 teaspoon of carbonate, 1 teaspoon salt and half a cup of vinegar and bring to the boil. After boiling, clean it with a soft sponge or cotton cloth and then rinse it with plenty of water. You’ll see your teapot glow like the first day.

In addition, to clean the outside of the blackened teapot, pour 1 teaspoon of salt into a glass of vinegar and melt it completely. Then wipe the outside of the kettre with this vinegar-salt mixture. Thus, your darkening teapot will be sparkling.

Using natural methods instead of ammonia cleaners in your metal teapots is important in terms of not abrasion of teapots. In addition, choosing natural methods will be beneficial for health.

The teapot polishing is an easy job. If you take into account the tips we share, you’ll know how to clean the teapot.  As we shared in this article, we shared very simple methods.

Steel teapots can be cleaned using both natural and chemical substances. You can clean the ammonia-containing steel surface cleaning product in your home by rubbing the outside of your steel kettle with a soft dishsponge. Rinse with plenty of water when the blackouts are completely out.

In addition, if you want to apply natural methods instead of chemical cleaners, you can clean and polish it by rubbing the outside of the steel teapot with only vinegar or vinegar carbonate mixture. If the kettle is too dark, put your burnt teapot in a large enough saucepan with vinegar, carbonate and a little water mixture and boil your kettle in this mixture. Then leave the kettre in this for a while. Then rub it with this water and remove the stains completely.

It is better not to use chemical cleaners in your ketté for health. For this reason, you should use natural methods to clean the inside ofthe kettle. You can polish the inside of your kettle with pieces of lemon peel that you cut into small pieces. Lemon is a good gloss. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

You can also use apple peels to polish the insandinuation of the steel teapot. Put the apple peels in the kettle and add some water. Boil this mixture on the stove. Then pour enough water to leave some in it. Polish it with a sponge or a cotton cloth.

Another method to polish the kettle is to use lemon salt. Put a tablespoon of lemon salt in the kettle and fill the kettle with water. Then boil the water in the kettre for about 15 minutes and then rinse it nicely with water.

You can clean both the outside and inside of your kettle with a mixture of rock salt and vinegar melted in boiling water. You will also get a teapot as bright as the first day when you clean it with rock salt and vinegar, you can also use this method to disinfect your teapot.

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