How My Grooms Love Me

The mother-in-law pretending to drown if she wants to know how much the groom loves her…

A mother-in-law had three sons-in-law…
One day they went to sea on vacation. The mother-in-law said, “I’ll see how much my grooms love me,” and jumped over and started pretending to drown.

He said, “My great-son-in-law, I’m drowning, save me.” The great groom saved it right away.

The next morning, a note on a reno laguna at the door of the great groom was “my dear son-in-law saved my life from your mother-in-law”.

The next day, the middle son-in-law tried the same way he saved his room life, and he had a reno saffron on his door and a note on it:

“My dear son-in-law, you saved my life from your mother-in-law.”

It’s time to try the little groom. The next day, he went into the sea again.

He said, “My son-in-law, I’m drowning, save me.”

The little groom said, “If you drown, drown.”

She drowned and died right there.

The next day, a note on a ferrari in front of the little groom’s door.

“Dear son-in-law, you saved my life, your father-in-law”?

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