How much revenue does Netflix earn from Turkey?

Duringthe day, we have conveyed to you the figures that have come to the fore in Turkey. With the audit launched today, RTÜ will receive a 0.5% share of the revenue per user. When we look at the numbers already shared, netflix has a significant singular user in Turkey.

Netflix, however, has three different membership plans. The basic plan is £17.99, the standard plan is £29.99, and the custom plan is £41.99. When we average 3 plans, we get about 30 TL per person. Considering netflix’s 1.5 million unique users, the revenue is around TL 45 million. In any case, it is not a clear number, plus and minus can be.

We mentioned above that RTÜ will receive a share of around 0.5% of digital broadcasting platforms. Netflix’s revenue of approximately TL 45 million with 1.5 million users, rTÜ’s earnings will be 225 thousand TL on average.

Netflix, which we agreed not to withdraw from the country with both the figures announced and the announcement made by RTÜ President Abubekir Sahin on Twitter, will experience an increase in the number of users with its increasing content.

We will see in the coming days how the results of the RTÜ audit will be, the rate of changes in content. However, we can already say that users who are bored with the traditional television structure and turn to digital will not want to pay any fees to see plenty of “flowers” in the content they watch. We’ll see how the next few months go for digital broadcastplatforms and viewers.

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