Homemade Tomato Noodle Recipe

We shared the recipe for homemade tomato noodles for those who started their winter preparations. The ingredients used for tomato noodles and how they are made can be found here.

Domatesli Erişte

Add 1.5 kg of flour to a large bowl. Empty the flour in the middle and place the grated tomatoes, 6 eggs and oil in the middle of the flour. Sprinkle the salt over the flour. Then start kneading this mixture. After making doughs the size of oranges, cool on an area. Start opening these doughs thinly. Allow these doughs to dry in an area. You can turn the dough around to dry early. After the dough you have laid is dried, you can cut it with a noodle cutting machine. After cutting, you will need to re-enty it to dry completely.


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