Homemade Pickled Cucumber Recipe

Cucumber pickles are a must for our tables when we are homemade. Here’s a recipe for homemade pickled cucumbers.


Grape Vinegar
Brine Salt
Pickled Cucumber

Salatalık Turşusu

In sterile jars, dill, bay leaf, garlic, cumin seeds, yellow mustard seeds, coriander seeds and a slice of lemon (we do not put the lemon in a 1-liter jar more than half a lemon) placed the cucumbers firmly. (I put it in small jars, i threw a couple of green tomatoes from my balcony) and put a mulberry leaf on top (it’s on vine or cherry leaves, it’s necessary to provide the substance of the skin that is necessary for the pickle to stay hard) with drinking water on it,1 50 grams of rock salt per liter (this is the golden ratio).

I filled the water I prepared, all the material will stay under water, put glass or stone etc. on it and cover it to take air (I’m doing it with a grove instead of lemon, it’s great when I can find it. You can also use fresh sage, parsley, black pepper, etc. according to your taste). I put a container under it because it’s going to overflow, and I put it in a dark cupboard, and after it’s done, they’re going to go into the fridge (it’s happening in 5-6 days)

Salatalık Turşusu

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