Home Tarhana Recipe

While the winter preparations were underway, we thought we’d share a recipe for house tarhana. The necessary materials for house tarhana and details of its construction are on our site!


1 kilo onion
1 kilo red pepper salsa pepper
1 kilo tomatoes
10_15 green hot peppers

I washed it in a pressure cooker, chopped it in a big, half a kilo of boiled chickpeas lentils, chopped 1bunch of parsley and mint, put 2 cups of water in it, cooked it for half an hour over low heat, then crushed it in a blender, then crushed it in a blender, and then 3 spoonfuls of salt 1kilo strained yogurt I put 1sweet spoon of dry yeast in it, i kneaded it like poaca dough, I closed its mouth, I kept it for 2 days, I stirred it up for two days, it soured, then I sprinkled it on greasy paper, pressed it on to my palm like I was doing the cooking with my hand, and when it dried. I did it upside down, and then I crumbled with my hand, and before it dried too much, I pulled it out of the robot, laid it on the table cloth, dried it in the shade, and i didn’t add it to the jars, i hope I could tell you.

Thanks to zeynepevra, our hobbyist.

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