Hobbi: New app on hobbies from Facebook

NPE Team, Facebook’s developer community to test new ideas on social networks, has quietly released its new app Hobbi. Hobbi, the team’s fourth app so far, stands out as a tool that makes it easier for users to share their personal projects and hobbies.

Attracting attention to its pinterest resemblance, the app allows users to share content in photo and video formats. Hobbi allows users to edit photos of their hobbies, while separating the projects they produce according to their themes, making it easier for them to convert them into collections. Those who want to share their hobbies; Through the collections they create, they can show the progress they have made over time in different fields, from gardening to cooking, diy projects to decoration.

On the other hand, let’s add that the app does not have social networking components, such as adding friends or dropping likes. Therefore, we can say that Hobbi is more of a photography/video app for hobbies than a social network. For now, it is worth noting that the application’s visual editing functions are limited.

In the meantime, it is possible to say that tech giants have recently focused on hobby practices. Let’s remind you that tangi, published in Occak, Google’s experimental product workshop Area 120, also focuses on creativity, hobbies and diy content.Tangi stands out in a TikTok-like video format in content sharing. with its innovative approach, pinterest can attract the attention of its loyal user base.

Pinterest, which recently announced its new Visual Try On ad model, will face remarkable competition in the hobby and related field-oriented platform market, which it has so far been leading. In fact, with hobbi’s launch, Pinterest shares have declined.

Hobbi, whose iOS version was released yesterday, was launched in the USA, Belgium, Spain and Ukraine.


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