Highlights of Deloitte Global Mobile User Survey 2019

Deloitte,who has been conducting Global Mobile User Researchsince 2012, published the results of the research for 2019 at a press conference today. 44,150 people from 28 countries, including Turkey, participated in the survey, which was conducted on 6 continents.

The most notable case in the research, which provided important data about the point of mobile device usage, was that users in Turkey ranked first in social media usage and phone gaming. Let’s add that 1,000 people from our country participated in the research.

When we examine the communication applications available on mobile phones, facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps are among the most frequently used applications. When users in Turkey are analyzed, it is observed that daily social media usage increased by 6 points compared to 2017 and this increase was in all age groups.

When the use of social media and communication applications by gender is examined, it is seen that the frequency of use of men and women varies from Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. The frequency of women’s use is 14 points higher on Snapchat than for men, and 12 points higher on Instagram and TikTok. The apps where men use women are Twitter and dating platforms.

According to shared information, 55 percent of users in Turkey prefer mobile phones to play games. With this rate, users in Turkey rank first among the countries where the survey was conducted. According to the research, grocery shopping is being digitized. 31 percent of users shared that they make grocery and basic purchases from their mobile phones at least once a month.

The frequency of telephone exchanges in our country has decreased compared to 2017 due to increased foreign currency and installment arrangements. In 2017, the number of phone changers has dropped from 64 percent to 58 percent in the last two years. 

The report also assessed that voice and video conversation over the internet, the most increasing communication methods compared to 2017, also increased interest in 5G. 43 percent of users in Turkey said they want to switch to 5G infrastructure as soon as possible, whileonly 16 percent of European users said they want to switch to 5G as soon as possible. The full Deloitte Global Mobile User Survey 2019 survey is available here.

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