Highlights in The Sour Dictionary in 2019

As we enter the new year, many platforms are already announcing their data for 2019. Sour Dictionary also explained the headline “What happened in the sour dictionary in 2019”, the headline that has come to the fore in the past year, figures and user-specific general information.

In 2019, a total of over 283 million people viewed over 5.5 billion pages. The fewest visits were on Tuesday (June 4th), with 3,59,407, with the most visits on Monday (April 1st), with 4,983,200. The least visitors are on June 4th with 1,755,407 and the most visitors are april 1st with 2,722,075. 72.8 per cent of visitors were not satisfied once and visited the platform once more. An average of 6 pages were displayed on each visit.

The country distributions in sour dictionary visitors are as follows: Turkey 91.35 percent,Germany 1.75 percent, US1.10 percent, The Netherlands 0.58 percent, Azerbaijan 0.55 percent, england 0.50 percent, Cyprus 0.45 percent, Ukraine 0.33 percent, France 0.33 percent and Austria 0.20 percent. When we look at the cities of Turkey, where visitors are concentrated, Istanbul ranks first with 32.78 percent. It is followed by Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Bursa, Antalya, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, Konya and Samsun, respectively. In cities around the world, Baku is the head with 0.42 percent. Baku is followed by Frankfurt, Nicosia, London, Amsterdam, New Yok, Berlin, Vienna, Paris and Kiev.

The most searched words in search engines were “Amazon, Bitcoin, Hercai, Palu family, Ekrem imamoglu, National Anthem, Enes Batur, Cringe, Prozac, Reynmen, Pulim, Neslican Tay, Canan Kaftancioglu, Billie eilish, normal birth, Ben Fero, Elif Cemal, Norm Ender, Momo and Emerald Apartment”.

The most watched pages on the platform, agenda, Ekrem imamoglu, Dark (series), palu family, nude, Chernobyl (series, Hercai Neslican Tay, Pucca’s seven-year prison sentence, the expected big istanbul earthquake appears.

Android ranked first in operating systems with 40.52 percent in the use of Sour Dictionary. It was followed by iOS with 39.40 percent, Windows with 18.25 percent, Macintosh with 1.25 percent and Linux with 0.30 percent. In browsers, Chrome ranked first with 53.08 per cent. Chrome was followed by Safari, Samsung Internet, Android Webview, Opera and Firefox, respectively.

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