Heat insulation robot Q-Bot invested £3.6 million

We are rapidly seeing robotic technologies in every aspect of life. Q-Bot is one of them and it is an initiative that serves in a very important area. The Q-Bot initiative scans the shortcomings of homes or offices in heat insulation with technologies that develop.

Q-Bot uses the latest technologies in its scans and benefits from the benefits of robotics and artificial intelligence. The initiative, which aims especially the heat insulation lost at the base of homes and offices, automatically detects the parts that create heat loss with the technologies it develops. After the detection is realized, the robots also perform the insulation process. Robots that apply special insulation materials through sprays on their bodies reach out to areas beyond the reach of the human workforce, closing the weak points in terms of insulation, which they mark according to their own scanning and are experiencing heat loss, or Reinforces.

Q-Bot not only develops a robot, but also serves a special purpose. The initiative, which said its customers are reducing their electricity bills, has worked with more than 1,000 customers so far.

Founded in 2012 as a London-based initiative, it has so far managed to invest a total of $7.3 million. Noted for its emphasis on technology, the initiative holds a large number of patents and currently has patent applications.

The initiative, which also receives incentives from the state, is also environmentally friendly and comes to the forefront as it reduces carbon emissions. With the investments the initiative has received, the UK will take steps to transcend its borders. Q-Bot will enter the French market in the first place, and in 2020 in the Netherlands and Belgium is expected to begin operations.

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