Heart-Shaped Flowering Women’s Neck Brace

We shared the heart-shaped flowering knitting model that you can use both as a neck brace and as an accessory. With the construction of a knitted neck brace, you will learn how to make a beautiful example with heart and flowers.


We start neck construction by throwing 3 stitches at the end. We raise one side and we knit tires with 1 inverted and 1 flat. Let’s increase the number of stitches until it’s 40. When we complete 40 nooses, we divide the number of stitches into two. We separate 40 nooses from 1 noose, 1 bottle, 1 node and the other bottle from knitting. Two pieces. We’re passing the other end through here. We knit 20 separated nodes straight for the front and 20 rows upside down for the back. Now we leave 20 nooses and we knit 20 rows with the remaining 20 nodes flat on the front of your knitting and upside down on the back. We take the stitches again from 1 node from one skewer, 1 node from the other skewer and 40 stitches. We knit it 50 cm long with 1 inverted and 1 flat tire. Again, after separating the stitches into 2 bottles, we knit 20 rows with 20 stitches. At the other end, we clarify. Then we collect 40 nooses again in 1 skewer and excise from 1 edge. And when there are three stitches, we’re done.

For flowers

We’re knitting eight chains together. We sink into the chain by knitting 3 chains, 3 trabzans, 3 chains. Again, we sink by knitting 3 chains, 3 trabzans, 3 chains. Let’s do it five times. We knit five chains on the back of our 5-poll, sink it and sink to 10 places. We’re going to knit two layers of the flower on the inside of these five chains. The second floor of our flower is 10. We sink and make flowers by knitting 3 chains and 3 trabzans on the inside of all 5 chains. We’re going to put five chains on the back of our flower again, and we’re making 15 places. The third floor of our flower will be 15. We’re doing it in a way that’s the fourth floor of our flower, 20.

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