HBO Max will be available in May 2020

Another addition to streaming solutions that start with Netflix and are becoming more and more popular. HBO, one of the most important TV channels in the United States, will be launched in 2020 with its own online subscription service. The service, hbo max, will be available in May 2020. HBO,owned by AT&T,shared details of the HBO Max service with an event held yesterday.

Netflix willbe available for $14.99 per month on the HBO Max platform, which will rival platforms such as Apple TV Plus and Disney+. Compared to its competitors, this price is quite high, but to add, Apple TV Plus has a price tag of 4.99,Disney+ 6.99and Netflix at $12.99 per month.

Let’s add that current HBO subscribers and HBO Now subscribers can use the HBO Max platform for free. Let’s add that HBO is a very powerful channel and has a lot of important content. The most important of these contents, as you can imagine, is Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones’ spin-offu will also be broadcast on HBO Max for The House of the Dragon. “South Park”, one of the most important productions in the world of television, will also be one of the series that will be on the HBO Max platform.

According to information shared at the event, HBO Max will have 10,000 hours of content on the first day it is available. There is no information as to whether HBO Max will be available in our country.

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