Half Fan Vest Knitting Model Construction

The skewer half-fan knitting model used to make women’s vests. The women’s vest, consisting of motifs that come out of the combination of the fans, will be beautiful. If you want to knit vests with skewers, you can do it with half a fan sample.

Hello dear handcrafted hobbies followers. You know, we’ve been sharing narrative braids and vests for a long time. Since there are vest models and construction requests, we are constantly appearing with new models. It’s getting a lot of attention. Especially vests with fan, diamonds, grapes, burglars and peanut knitting motifs. We share in order the narrative weaves that we have not shared before and which are very curious and used in vest samples.

We’ll share with the sheriff the description of the lady, the audio and video of the half-fan sample. In the video, The Sheriff gave the lady detailed information about knitting.

The fan mesh model also used the waterway mesh model. Of course, you can use another knitting model, not a waterway knitting model. Models are made in the form of 15 nodes and multiples. Inverted and straight knitting is used. It will be more useful to you if you listen to the video and the information below.

For the tyre, the example starts with 1 inverted 1 straight. With a straight noose, the right bottle is taken from the left skewer of 3 nodes. the rope is scammed 1 time around 3 nooses. The straight node at the beginning is taken blank. The remaining 2 nodes are knitted. Every once in a while, he’s knitted with a harosha. That’s how it goes.


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