Hakan: The Guardian’s 3. season will be broadcast on March 6

Netflix Turkey’sfirst original production, Hakan: Guardian‘s 3. the season will be released on March 6. With this information, you can use the 3rd floor. The trailer for the season has also been released. When we look at the trailer, we see that a virus has captured Istanbul. Let’s also note that there are different players in the new season, such as Taner Ölmez.

We watched the second season on April 26, 2019, hakan: Guardian’s 3. the season is 11 months after the previous season. Because the series is in its third season after its first season aired. and 4. he also got the season’s approvals. Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief product officer, said at Netflix Labs Day 2019 that they were happy with the success of Hakan: Guardian.

Netflix, which released its second original content at Atiye at the end of last year, is still filming turkey’s other original content in Turkey and its release dates are not yet clear. Hakan: It is possible to say that the success achieved by the Guardian in the global year continues with Atiye. Both series are processed in mystical subjects, and both productions continue to promote different beauties of Turkey globally.

Finally, the number of members of Netflix, which removes the free trial version but goes on to share some content with the user for free without membership, is curious about what will be an increase in the number of members of Hakan: Guardian with the new season.

The series is the fourth episode. It is not yet clear whether the filming of the season began and when it will be broadcast. Hakan: The Guardian’s 4th Army. Whether he’s going to continue after the season is a mystery for now. Let’s see, Hakan, 3. will it be able to protect Istanbul during the season?

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