Hair Knitting Women’s Sweater Model Construction

The construction of a women’s sweater woven in the shape of a braid. We share their numbers here because this sweater is an example that receives the most requests.

Our friend named Ayse Kanboz Brokeout shared a very nice sweater in the knitting group ladies’ group. He shared some information about the numbers and how they were made. Alal.

The sample is set up with 20 stitches. In each order, we slide 6 nodes into hair braids by taking 2 nodes from the top to 4il from the bottom.
Low arm. Size 145 stitches. I’m raising five or six rows in the arms. Each example is 20 stitches. I started with 7 samples 145 stitches.38 size. You can reduce a sample if you’re thick. Snowball baby one rope was used. The collar part is 10 stitches before 10 stitches, then 3 times 2 nodes, then 1 node cut in each sorada 10 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1….

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