Hair Braid Model How to Make Baby Baby Vest Explained

We are with the description of how to make a baby girl vest made with a hairb model. Would you like to know how to make this cute baby vest?

Materials Used

We start knitting the vest by stitching 62 stitches. After we discard the noose, we knit four tooth harosha. We need to knit 21 more harosha with 7 stitches on each side and 21 more harosha with the breaks straight. So we’ll be knitting 7 stitches harosha, 48 stitches straight knitting and 7 nodes harosha

Now, with what we’re doing, we’ve completed 25 harosha. Now we’re going to do the braids next. For 7 harosha edges, we will return after knitting 1 row with 6 nodes straight and 1 node inverted. So we’ll have made 7 harosha, 6 straight 1 inverted, 6 straight 1 inverted, 6 straight 1 inverted, 6 straight 1 inverted, 6 straight 1 inverted, 6 straight 1 inverted, 6 straight 7 harosha. When we get back in the knitting, we’ll knit the harosha again with the harosha flats upside down. Now it’s time for the braid

If you know the hair braid model, you won’t have any difficulty anyway. 4 teeth will be knitted from the model of braiding 5 times apart. So we knit 4 teeth harosha sequence and we do hair braids again.

Saç Örgüsü Bebek Yeleği Arka Kısım

We’re finishing the back of the vest. We’re also finishing our hair braids motifs. The edges are harosha, we need to knit them to be straight. We continue to knit four teeth to the harosha. Then we need to knit 7 stitches harosha, 6 stitches straight, 36 stitches harosha, 6 stitches straight, 7 stitches harosha. We knit like this in four teeth and cut the collar.

7 nodes harosha, 6 stitches straight and again 7 more nodes we knitted harosha and began to cut the back of the back. We need to cut 22 stitches. So we’re knitting 7 harosha on both sides, 6 straight, 7 harosha noodles. After the cut, we will start knitting the left front of the knitting. We continue our knitting with 7 harosha, 6 straight and 7 harosha along the 11-tooth harosha sequence.

We continue to knit baby’s vest from the left side… After knitting 11 teeth, we need to increase 14 stitches. We will continue to knit as 7 nodes harosha, 6 straight 1 inverted, 6 straight 1 inverted, 6 straight and 7 harosha. When the 3 teeth reach the length of the harosha, we will knit the hair braid model again. So there were seven braids on the back of our vest, and now we’re going to do the same with three braids. Again, we need to knit 5 rows of hair braids with 4 teeth apart.

We knit 5 rows of hair braids and then make 8 tooth harosha, and weave the edges to 7 nodes harosha and the sides are straight. And last but not least, we’re knitting the pocket part.

Saç Örgüsü Bebek Yeleği Modeli

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