Growing Vegetable Seedlings at Home

You can grow seedlings of your own vegetables at home. You can obtain seedlings from seeds and then plant the seedlings in the ground and prepare a vegetable garden.

As the weather warmed up, the gardening began. The ladies are slowly starting to plant vegetables in their gardens to consume in the summer. This time, of course, varies by region. When the weather is warm, a vegetable garden is established with the vegetable seedlings planted. You can not pay for vegetable seedlings and you can get the vegetable seedlings you want yourself.

You can put soil in pots, coke boxes, yogurt boxes, etc. and then plant the seeds of those vegetables, whichever seedlings you want. You need to put these boxes in a confined space with a light field. Because if it’s cold and icy, you won’t get seedlings because the seeds will get cold.

Biber Fidesi

Biber Fidesi

Biber Fidesi

The seeds you have planted in the boxes will grow after a while and become seedlings. Once the seedlings have grown up and recovered, you can plant them in the vegetable field you have prepared in the garden. For example, you can obtain seedlings from vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, eggplants and tomatoes. When you become seedlings and grow up, you can prepare your vegetable garden by taking them and planting them in the ground. Before the weather warms up, you have to plant the seeds in the boxes and get seedlings before the seedlings are planted in the ground. Because by the time the seeds grow and become seedlings, the air will get hot and the seedling planting period will come.

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