Group stories feature coming to Instagram

Jane Mancun Wong, known for discovering hidden features in apps, found that Instagram is testing Stories for group chats. Wong did not neglect to share screenshots of the feature in the testing process with his Twitter followers.

When we look at the images Wong shared, we see that the Stories screen includes Your Story and Close Friends options, as well as group story. Just like close friends, users can press Group Story to make the story they share show to people in their chosen group. Likewise, users can create a new group through the feature and share their stories with that group.

It is possible to say that the new Group Story feature adds a new layer of privacy to Stories. This makes it easier for users to limit the people who view their Stories. Instagram, which directs users from story to group chat with its recent lyre, increases the interaction of large-scale groups that come together within the framework of a specific topic.

It’s worth remembering that Instagram removed Facebook’s parent company, Facebook, from the platform nine months after it released the Group Stories feature. This feature may be of interest to users on Instagram, the platform. However, it is not yet clear when the Group Story feature, which is in the testing process, will meet users.

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