Google’s services crashed not only in Turkey but also in countries in the region (Updated)

Today, there is gradual lysis in access to Google services. As of this hour, access to operator-independent Google services is virtually impossible. Let’s just say that this has nothing to do with the recent dispute between Google and the Competition Authority.

When we look at the reports on various network sites, errors have been made so far from Turkey, Bulgaria, the United States, Greece and 14 different countries. We indicate that a significant portion of the Google network is dysfunctional.

We will continue to bring the developments to you.


1) According to information obtained from close sources, Google services will start to serve over another network in a very short time, but since this network is already used, there may be occasional ruptures due to density.

2) As mentioned, Google services have been reopened. There may be ruptures, but access is possible.

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