Google’s live caption app Live Transcribe can now detect audio events

Googletoday announced that it has launched new features for the speech recognition transcription tool Live Transcribe. Live Transcribe, also called a live subtitle app and designed for those with hearing impairments, will now be able to detect audio events that are taking place around and allow the user to record already published transcripts.

Within a month, the transcripts will text the user events such as “dog barking” or ” someone knockingon your door“. There are also indicators for things like phone ringing, laughter, cars or music. When any of these events occur, as you can see below, the indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Another feature will remove Live Transcribe from the accessibility area and make it potentially more beneficial for people with hearing or hard hearing impairments. Google will allow users to record live transcripts for up to three days. Let us also remind you that the company has stated that it will be useful for “interviewjournalists or students who receive coursegrades” in doing so. These transcripts will be stored locally by phone.

Let’s talk about the Google Live Transcribe. The Google Live Transcribe app, which has a fairly simple working logic, starts listening after it becomes active, and writes conversations in the immediate vicinity in real time. Thanks to Live Transcribe, a hearing-impaired user can be aware of the conversations around him. Let’s add that you need an internet connection to use the service.

Finally, let’s note that the new features of Live Transcribe are ready for most Android devices and will soon be available to everyone.

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