Googlers believe the company’s new tool is threatening their privacy

Googlehas developed a tool for internal use that can detect employees planning meetings with a large number of people, Bloomberg reported. However, employees suspect that the newly developed vehicle is a type of spyware used to deter worker activity or organisation.

A browser tool developed by Google to track meeting requests made by employees has sparked controversy within the search giant itself. The tool can detect that employees are organizing meetings involving a large number of people. Googlers claim that software designed to be installed in the Chrome browser running on all employees’ computers is a type of surveillance tool the company plans to use to monitor and deter employee activism.

A Google representative said he was developing the extension in response to the increase in spam. The tool, he says, acts as a reminder when employees automatically try to add meetings to calendars or many other people, and so that the feature is not misused. It also says that the extension does not prevent users from creating such meetings and does not collect personal information when triggered. The Google representative adds that the claims about the operation and purpose of this extension are categorically incorrect.

Regardless, there are growing concerns among employees about the vehicle. According to Bloomberg, employees on internal message boards are discussing and mocking Google’s leaders. An employee said in a statement that the tool has become the topic of discussion at Google’s weekly company-wide meetings.

In fact, it’s not surprising that such troubles arise in Google. Because last year, the company was rocked by allegations of sexual harassment, and Googlers around the world organized and marched against harassment. It is impossible to know what the purpose of the vehicle really is at this time, but it is possible to understand why the employees are concerned about it.

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