Google will produce a search engine that analyzes millions of health records

Google is preparing to take a share of the $3 trillion healthcare industry and has begun to collaborate with healthcare providers in the search engine field. Announcing its partnership with Ascension, the second largest healthcare system in the United States, Google has begun accessing personal health data sets to provide artificial intelligence-based tools to healthcare providers.

Project Nightingale, this work, google’s purchase of Fitbit drew attention to the realization. If you recall, we interpreted the company’s buying of Fitbit as a boost to its presence in the wearable technology market with a good product brand. We also said that Google could use health data from Fitbit for ads.

Thanks to this new collaboration, the company’s claim that it will build a search engine similar to Google Flights so that doctors can easily find patient records has been confirmed. The partnership agreement appeared in Google’s Earnings Report in July, but it was the first time it was clearly brought up.

Google also announced that the agreement was in accordance with HIPAA regulations:

“Ascension’s data may not be used for any purpose other than providing these services that we provide under the agreement, and patient data cannot and will not be combined with Google consumer data.”

Ascension announced in an announcement that it aims to explore artificial intelligence applications that will help improve clinical quality and patient safety through this partnership.

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