Google will prioritize special news on searches

Google announced that it is taking new steps to boost special news in search results. After that, special news, which initiates a major news cycle, will have a more permanent place, rather than being submerged by other recently published stories that summarize the special story in the search results.

Google News Vice President Richard Gingras shared a blog post saying:

Google’s prioritizing private news can be a good step, but it can be a little messy. Because the publisher that makes the special news stands out by skipping the news to other newspapers, other publishers can publish new news by combining new comments and resources beyond summarizing the special story. In addition, columnists can publish articles that share their views on this special story.

At this point, one wonders how the Google algorithm will distinguish all these different types of content. Gingras says they will benefit from quality evaluators. Please note that more than 10,000 Quality Evaluators operating around the world have undergone training with the company’s comprehensive guidelines.

Google has updated its guidelines along with this new change. The directive states that if the information uncovered by the story cannot be known without news, the news should have as high a score as possible.

The directive asks quality evaluators to consider the overall reputation of the publication. In addition, quality evaluators will take into account the Pulitzer awards or quality special news history received by the publication when evaluating a news story from now on.

Faced with serious criticism and problems in the focus of fake news, Google continues to prioritize publishing regulations. The company, which allocated $300m to the News Initiative last year, is trying to catch the senate members’ eye with its new special news move.

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