Google Photos app receives messaging feature

We toldyou last May that the Google Photos app allows you to search text in photos. Google Photos, one of Google’smost popular services, is today coming up with a new feature.

According to information shared by Google, the Google Photos app has received the messaging (Chat) feature. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to easily share their photos in the Google Photos app with any other user without the need for another app.

Google, which aims to increase the app’s sharing capabilities with messaging, will allow users to quickly and easily share photos and videos. Let’s add that you can use the feature quite easily.

To use the messaging feature, you first need to select the photos or videos you send. Then you have to press share. When you press this button, you’ll see the“Send in Google Photos”option and the people you’ve most frequently contacted. Let’s add that you can form groups with this feature.

In short, if you want to send the photo you’ve identified to more than one person, you can set up a group to do it quite easily. Let’s add that the feature, which is now available to all Google Photos users, will be available shortly. Finally, let’s share that the “Submit in Google Photos” feature is available on both web, iOS and Android versions.

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