Google Now used by 500 million people

We toldyou last November that Google Now will create a personalized news list and pass the news aloud to users. Today, google’sartificial intelligence-assisted smart assistant Google Now,which came up with a new news story, announced that it was used by 500 million people.

According to information shared by Google, Google Now has over 500 million monthly active users. Add that more than 500 million users use Google Now not only from smartphones, but also from TVs, smart speakers and many other devices.

According to a study conducted last month, Google Now controls only 9 percentof the virtual assistant market. In comparison, Siri, Apple’s assistant to you, controls 35 percentof the market. New features such as reading audio news, planned actions, and sticky notes also seem to be falling behind competitors such as Google Now, Siri and Alexa.

Google Now, which has support for 90 different languages, including Turkish, is currently available in 30 countries. According to shared information, Google Now is installed on more than 1 billion devices in total. Of course, the vast majority of these devices are Android smartphones.

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